Kitchens. Oh, how they can get all cluttered and messy at times. Kitchen clutter is one of the most common problems in any household, regardless of where you live or how much space you have. But, thankfully, getting kitchen clutter under control is relatively easy if you keep the following tips in mind:

Make a plan and stick to it – Cleaning and organizing your kitchen should be viewed as if you are preparing for battle, which you are. Let’s call it the War on Clutter. Think about what you really need to have handy, categorize appliances by the amount of use. For example, the blender and coffee maker are things you probably use daily and can stay on the countertop, while your popcorn maker can go on a shelf in the pantry and only brought out when you need it. So, make your plan, figure out what you want, and stick to it.

Assign categories to drawers – Kitchen drawers are possibly the biggest clutter collectors in your entire kitchen. Everything from dead batteries to those metal twisty ties for bread ends up in a drawer. To avoid this, categorize your drawers, one for cutlery, other for kitchen utensils, and, if you must, one for stuff that you might use one day but don’t know if you will.

Cabinets need categorization too – Doing this will make your life so much easier because you will always know where you stored that thingamabob that you need for that special recipe you love so much and you only make once in a blue moon.

Consider the seasons – It’s winter, why is your ice cream maker still on your counter? Seasonally rotating your appliances will help you keep your kitchen looking cleaner, more streamlined, and definitely more efficient.

Let it go, let it go – Haven’t used your grandma’s pressure cooker in over a decade? Its time has come and it may be better off in somebody else’s kitchen. Be honest with yourself, if you haven’t used an appliance or gadget in over a year, you probably never will, so set aside all those space takers and send them off to the nearest yard sale. Except for your veggie peeler. NEVER get rid of the veggie peeler, because when you do, you will need it again the next day.

Keeping your kitchen in order and looking like it just popped out of a magazine can seem like a daunting task, but once you get through the initial stages it’s only a matter of putting things back in their assigned place and that’s it. So, keep up the good work and happy de-cluttering! For more helpful information, visit us at